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Experienced & Reliable Builders, since 1973

Building Visions,
Shaping The Future

CCAI was founded to provide the highest quality commercial design and construction services to our diverse range of client partners.


We are CCAI. We have over 30 years of construction experience.

We Build Beautiful Projects That Last


We Offer a Range of Services to Meet All Types of Needs


Our design-build phase provides confidence and assurance about every aspect of the project before the start. Attention to detail and strict planning set a course for excellence in all our projects. We pride ourselves in developing lifelong partnerships with our clients and it is built at the foundation of the project.

Design Build Services 

In the construction phase of the project, CCAI services are designed to guarantee a successful project within budget and on schedule. Our reputation for honesty and integrity speaks volumes about how our work is presented and accomplished.

Construction Services

Finally, as construction wraps up, we ensure a smooth handoff in the Post-Construction phase. CCAI is always focused on your success, we ensure all loose ends are tied up and expectations have been met. It is because of our elite services our clients are lifetime clients

Post Construction

As the construction moves into the next steps, the construction management team works with your staff to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken for regulation, safety, scheduling, budgeting, and cost control for overall project success



We Believe Every Client Is a Valuable Long-Term Partner

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